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When you are tasked to order promotional merchandise for your business, what influences your decision in terms of the type of promotional products that you choose whether it is for an event or simply to give to a client? What purpose do promotional products serve exactly? I hope this post will help unpack this so you can make a more informed decision for your next campaign. Promotional products WORK, and the type of promo product you hand out matters. We use promotional products to enhance our brand image, to show appreciation to clients/ employees, or to impress the audience we want to attract. While there are a couple of advertising methods out there such as tv and billboards, promotional products are the most cost-effective, and a prospect or client can carry them almost anywhere; giving you more visibility. Think of something as simple as a branded mug for example; a free mug that includes your logo and your contact details can give your brand much visibility. In a study done by the Advertising Speciality Institute, respondents were asked how long they keep a typical type of promotional item. Across all promotional products, the average was about one year.

So, what does one need to consider when choosing the right promotional products?

  1. Products that are useful to everyday life: For example, if you want to impress a client who travels a lot; as opposed to providing them with a branded pen (Which they might have thousands of already) consider providing them with a branded multi-plug, power bank or luggage strap, etc instead. That way, your company stays top of mind and you will be remembered for the functional item you would have given or sent to your prospect.
  2. Products that speak to your brand and company culture: everything you do should align with what your brand represents. If your company is in the tech space that targets young prospects, you would want to provide more tech-based products such as ear pods or speakers to stay relevant and get your customers talking.
  3. On-trend products: The promo product industry has grown significantly over the years, and new products come in regularly. Take the time to think about what type of innovative and creative gift your clients or prospects would appreciate and this will help you to be remembered for a while telling your brand story.

Remember, you have spent a lot of time and effort into building your brand, and your promotional products should align with and represent your brand, company culture, and what you stand for. You also want your promotional products to leave a lasting impression. Your brand image is amplified by the right promotional product. If you would love to chat more about the world of promo products, feel free to email me at

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